Acupuncture For The Ages

February 12, 2019

Oriental Medicine is one of the two oldest medicine systems in the world. Both Ayurveda and Oriental Medicine are thousands of years old and still practiced today because they work! Acupuncture can be used in conjunction with other modalities or treatments such asTraditonal Western Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Chiropractic Treatments and is very complimentary or used as a stand alone treatment with great success. The needles used are sterile, single use and disposable. They are very fine needles made from stainless steel with a smooth point making it a faster insertion that you can't feel. I treat differently than most practitioners by adding manual body work with the needles. I also stay with you for the entire service, continuing to work after the needles are placed. For the client, it feels like a combination of needles and massage, triggering a sense of deep relaxation. My focus in doing this extra work is to open the meridians and energy channels in a much more in depth way that connects with the internal organs and your energy. I spent a year training with a Buddhist Monk who's philosophy was always a hands on approach to conpliment the needles. He taught me Tui Na-Chinese Massage, and the extreme value of tracing meridians manually with acupressure techniques to expedite the flow of energy in a treatment, therefore maximizing results in each session.

T.Mullins-Licensed Acupuncturist